Philippines’s Most Beautiful Co-working Spaces To Launch Your Business In

Written by Phillip Anthony

Looking for great co-working spaces to kickstart your business? Take a look at the finest places around the country.

There are many reasons behind young entrepreneurs and working individuals who are racing to becoming part of a growing co-working community in the Philippines. Becoming a co-worker has numerous perks, not only do you get to enjoy a great setting that is designed carefully to help and encourage you to work, you also get to experience working in an inspiring atmosphere and become surrounded by motivational vibes that most improve your work performance, and most importantly, aspire you to become more skillful, productive, and happy.

These mighty vibes are the result of the beautiful scenery and people’s hearts around you. You might be thinking; I’m still launching my business and I don’t need this distraction right now. However, selecting co-working spaces is not just about the uplifting vibes and the community, because, depending on your business’s needs, it can, too, be the easiest, and most cost-efficient way to start! And we recommend that you try it out for yourself if you haven’t already!

Not to mention that each place has its own set of services(food, drinks, events, seating), amenities, and rules that you should conform to. Most of the co-working spaces in the Philippines allow you to choose a flexible membership plan that suits you best, whether you prefer to subscribe daily, weekly, monthly, or even for a couple of months, you’ll find your match.
Here are 7 of the best co-working spaces around the country to help you with that! Pick your favorite.

LOFT Coworking Space

LOFT is located in the Ortigas Central Business District, Penthouse, Pasig. Once you subscribe, you get access to awesome facilities and services such as a Skype room, free coffee, tea, drinking water, an incredible on-site restaurant, and kitchen. And the best of all is that all services are accessible 24/7. With LOFT you get to enjoy a selection of entertainment and informative events, plus, various workshops. The place includes a lounge and outdoor terrace for your quite breaks. Also, you get to utilize high-tech equipment such as MACs and PCs, dual/single monitors, photocopiers, printers, scanners, sound and video recording tools. As for the seating, LOFT offers several options between bean bags, ergonomic chairs, and standing desks.

SocialSpace Coworking

SocialSpace is nothing like your ordinary work environment. Located in the ground floor CTP Alpha Tower Investment Drive Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa, 1778 Metro Manila, SocialSpace is an artistic, colorful place to work at. It’s provides 24/7 member access with free parking on premise and offers end-to-end solutions for start-ups and working individuals.

SocialSpace has got everything you need. The place has a library, a podcasting room, a Skype room, and personal lockers for your belongings. Just as LOFT, SocialSpace, too, offers free flowing coffee, tea and drinking water as well as a kitchen and on-site cafe.

SocialSpace has plenty of equipment to facilitate your business tasks (a photocopier, a printer, a scanner, as well as video and sound recording devices).

“[The] best coworking space in the south. Smartly designed with kickass pricing, all to meet the high standards of young entrepreneurs and artists. Coffee’s incredibly good. I’ve stopped being a nomad in cafes, asking for wifi passwords and hunting for electricity sockets. I’ve decided to simply take my spot in SocialSpace. All convenient, flexible to my needs.” Via SocialSpace’s Facebook Page

Meek Coworking Café

Meek Cafe is as colorful and pretty as cafes can be! Located at the ground floor of Jazzy James Country Hotel in Lacson Street, Obrero, Davao. Meek Cafe offers a free day pass, a scheduled introductory tour and 24/7 full access to members. They also have meeting rooms available upon reservations.

Meek Cafe has some pretty cool amenities that coworkers love! First off, a co-living accommodation option, meeting and Skype rooms as well as a library.

The cafe is highly accessible, beside the 24/7 availability, the co-working space also has free parking on premise and wheelchair accessibility. Its kitchen and community services matches that of LOFT and SocialSpace. Meek’s prices go as low as PHP 50 per hour for hot desk and open plan seating and PHP 4500 per month for dedicated desks.


Pondr is one of the 25 co-working spaces in Manila. The space is located at 7F Adamson Center, L.P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village. It has a lot more than co-working facilities. Along with offering spacious stations, private offices and an inviting work atmosphere, Pondr provides staff and employee leasing, marketing and operations consultancy. Pondr has private offices for 7 people available for just PHP 75,000 monthly. Unfortunately, it closes on Saturday and Sunday and works between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. on weekdays.

Pondr’s amenities are slightly lesser than those of SocialSpace, Meek Cafe and LOFT. the only equipment available there is the printer. However, they have a running kitchen and a free flow of coffee, tea and drinking water.

Pondr isn’t in the workplace or in the real estate industry; we are in the happiness industry! – Pondr – Co Working Space in Makati


Avantoffices, inc

Avantoffices has a 200-meter square business lounge and high-quality internet connection. Photo via AvantOffice’s website.

A luxurious workspace with magnificent floor-to-ceiling windows, high-speed elevators, back-up power and 24-hour security. Avantoffices is located at the 4th floor of the Avenir Building, an approximately 3-minute walk from Waterfront Hotel and Casino and a 5-minute walk from Cebu Business Park.

AvantOffices has a 200 sqm business lounge and a high-quality internet connection. The place offers a variety of options for start-ups, SMEs, and freelance workers. They can select between open co-working spaces, dedicated seats, virtual offices, residential and commercial spaces.

AvantOffices’s opens between 8:30 a.m. and closes at 7:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday, weekends(Saturday and Sundays) are off. Since this is a high-end space, the rates are somewhat more expensive than other options, the price for hot desk/ open plan seating is PHP 700 per day.


ASPACE is known for its various exhibitions, music events, talks and more. It has got everything you or your business will ever need to become more productive and motivated to work.

If you want to become part of a great coworking community, we suggest you try out ASPACE. Check out their Rockstar Community, their workspace, event space and meet space for more details.

A SPACE is one of the most popular and spacious workplaces in Makati, taguig (BGC) and Cebu You can select between its “Club membership” and its “Lounge membership” as per your business needs. The place has great meeting rooms available for PHP 1,400 per hour.

The place offers numerous spaces for your needs. Whether you have an event, a normal working day or a meeting. ASPACE’s team can help you book the space you need.

“I spent a week of remote work at ASPACE Makati’s co-working space last April 2018, and found ASPACE very conducive to getting work done. The space was comfortable, the atmosphere was low-key, and the staff was very accommodating. The incidentals needed for an office space are well taken care of, leaving you free to focus on your own work. Favourite perks: in-house barista and good coffee, outdoor balcony workspace, the really nice staff!” Via ASPACE Philippines’s Facebook Page

The Company Cebu

Located in building 4, JDN square, P. Remedio Street, Banilad, in the city of Mandaue. This spot is famous for its numerous amenities and advantages, such as free parking, 24/7 member access, various workshops, lounge area, and free drinks; coffee, tea, and water. Comfortable services like photocopying, scanning, and printing are also present.

Btu what signifies The Company Cebu the most is its events and workshops which gathers entrepreneurs and working professionals from all around the city. If you opt to increase your network and aspire to collaborate with other working individuals then you should give this space a try.

The Company Cebu offers a free day pass as well as a scheduled tour and 24/7 member access, which is great for hot seaters and freelancers, meeting rooms available upon reservation. Free parking is also available on the premise. The Company Cebu’s price ranges between PHP 6500(open plan seating) and 8000 (dedicated desk) per month.

“The Company Cebu has played a big role in our business endeavors, especially in bringing the wagon up to the stars. We consider ourselves blessed to be part of this group simply because the work ethic of each individual who works here affects us to be more efficient and productive every single day that we spend. Moreover, the pressures and demands that we carry from our work are lightened by the joyful spirit and contagious smiles of the staff. As such, The Company Cebu deserves a 5-star rating from me and I highly recommend this to my friends who wished to have a wonderful and delightful experience. Truly one of a kind office.” Via The Company CEBU’s Facebook Page


Clock in BGC

Located in 1F Bonifacio Technology Center, 31st Corner 2nd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Clock In is the prettiest place you’ll ever work in. On top of the incredible design and spacious setting, this co-working space is pet-friendly, it includes free parking on premise, personal lockers, free coffee, water, tea, an operating kitchen, and a jaw-droppingly beautiful lounge area.

The Clock In opens between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. on weekdays and is operated by Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation. The places freelancers, SMEs, and start-ups with a healthy working atmosphere and allows them to flourish. They also have a variety of events and workshops to attend. Prices start with PHP 600 for one-day hot seating and PHP 57,000 for 4 people per month.
“Nice, quiet place for working remotely. Internet was very fast. Loved the free coffee and free choc bars that went with it Space is very conducive to working. One minor improvement is the monitoring of aircon for the space (our room was too cold for comfort, best to bring a jacket). Overall, had a great productive day here.” Via Clock In BGC Facebook Page.

We do not assume that we know your business better than you do if anybody does that, he’s only fooling you. But, we’ll tell you this, every starting business should try out co-working spaces. If not for the budget shortage and inability to set-up or rent a private office, do it for the great services, the wide array of amenities, do it for amazing, contagious positive working vibes and the great company.

Have you tried co-working spaces when firsts starting your business? Sharing is caring. Let us know how it went. Your experience will surely affect someone’s decision. We are always happy to hear your opinions!

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